Reimagine the future of recruitment with Recruit NXT


Reimagine the future of recruitment with Recruit NXT

Re-imagine the future of recruitment with Recruit NXT!

Want to get a better, faster, and smarter way to hire the right people? Recruit NXT, the leading recruitment platform, is here to help. From qualified CV searches to AI-driven candidate assessments, we provide solutions tailored to your business needs. Plus, our intuitive dashboard lets you manage your entire hiring process from one place.

Features of Recruit NXT

  • Applicant tracking

Recruit NXT applicant tracking software can help you find the best candidate in no time. The hiring managers often struggle to work simultaneously in different positions in the organization. Our Intelligent Talent Acquisition System makes this practice more effortless for recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Resume Parsing

Our resume parsing tool is an extremely popular and reliable solution to quickly capture, manage, and reach better hiring results. With advanced tools capable of determining natural language rules, resume parsing can provide a clear, complete, structured, and detailed list of the candidate's abilities in just a few minutes. Moreover, it provides huge benefits such as improved accuracy of resume selection and faster process management.

  • Candidate sourcing

Finding the perfect candidate for a role can be difficult. You need to consider each applicant's skills, experience, and attitude. Recruit NXT sources candidates from job boards, and social media platforms like Facebook, indeed, LinkedIn, and many others.  The Recruit NXT Candidate search tool allows you to find the right candidate's resumes and professional profiles. The details gathered from multiple sources will be systematically added to the candidate's profile. 

  • Candidate Screening

It is important to hire someone who not only has the necessary qualifications but also fits well with the team and company culture. Recruit NXT's Candidate screening tool helps ease the process of examining by filtering the candidates by matching their qualifications to job requirements. It allows you to look beyond the details mentioned in the resume. It helps you save hours of work time and simplifies the whole review process. Screening tools can help you hire the perfect candidates to build a great team. 

  • Interview management

The automated process of scheduling the interview through Recruit NXT, saves your time and effort. Our tool helps you to:

  • Schedule video interviews on Jitsi Meet and Zoom Meet or set up a telephonic interview, as per preference.
  • Send emails using the same platform to the hiring manager as well as to the candidates.
  • Personalize and send automated reminders to all the concerned parties before an interview.
  • Performance management

Performance management is an important part of any workplace. It involves monitoring employee progress and providing feedback to help them reach their goals. Good performance management can lead to increased productivity, better job satisfaction, and overall success in the workplace. Recruit NXT's talent acquisition system provides reports on a user's performance. It details various tasks performed by the user, such as candidates added by the user, current job openings a user is working on, jobs closed by the user, and many more. It results in staying up to date on the team's progress and performance.

  • Candidate management

Candidate management is the process of finding, screening, and assessing potential employees for a job. Companies often receive many applications for one job position or for different job positions. Recruit NXT allows the recruiter to put tags, add notes and add critical skills to the candidate's profile. You can filter out relevant resumes from a big pool of applicants using a boolean search. 

  • Customisation and Integration

Using Recruit NXT you can easily:

  • modify the candidate selection workflows and decide how to move through the hiring process.
  • export customized excel sheets of the candidates from the database to the system.
  • add a candidate detail field as per their requirements. This added field then gets reflected in the candidate database automatically.

Recruit NXT provides integrations with Jitsi Meet, Zoom Meet, Google Calendar, and various social media platforms. Recruiters can easily schedule video interviews through Jitsi Meet or Zoom Meet using our platform. The interview schedules sync with the Google Calendar for easy access and a better user experience.

  • Job Requisition

With Recruit NXT's ITAS', you can publish in various places across the internet like the company's website and several social media platforms and job portals. Our platform makes it easy and convenient to post job openings and conveniently allows candidates to apply for them. Recruit NXT enables you to attract and reach the maximum number of qualified candidates.

Maximize your recruiting efforts and get the best candidates for your open roles without spending countless hours searching through CVs with Recruit NXT. Stop wasting time and money looking for the right people and jumpstart your recruitment process today with Recruit Next!