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Applicant Tracking

The primary intent of our Intelligent Talent Acquisition System is to make this practice more effortless for recruiters and hiring managers. Companies often hire for various vacancies simultaneously and receive lots of applications for every position. It leaves the recruiter or hiring manager with a substantial number of resumes that they can't review.

Recruit NXT makes hunt easier yet automated, saves time, and avoids manual errors. On our Recruit NXT platform, you can organize all the candidate's data in one place. It also lets you customize candidate application fields according to your requirement.

  • Applicant Profile Management
  • Advanced Candidate Search
  • Customizable Candidate Selection Workflows
  • Tracking of Job Application Status
  • Easy to Adopt and Easier to Use
  • Avoid human biases and errors

Resume Parsing

Resume parsing is a tool that automatically extracts candidate's information and details from their resume and stores it in the system. Recruiters can store their data to form an organized structure and hire the perfect fit quickly. Resume parsing in an ITAS also helps to analyze resume data to find the best candidate automatically.

Recruiters' primary focus while hiring is to get a perfectly fitted candidate for the job. Traditional recruiting can be straining and time-consuming. The recruiters have to go through every resume and cover letter to fill in the details of suitable applicants manually. The hours spent extracting and feeding the data into the system can hinder the initial focus from discovering the right person.

Now, with an Intelligent Talent Acquisition System like Recruit NXT's Resume Parsing, you don't have to spend hours of valuable time extracting the candidate details from the resume manually.

Candidate Sourcing

Candidate sourcing is the process of locating potential candidates to fill current and future job openings. It includes pre-screening and contacting the potential candidates and notify them about the job openings. Recruiting the best talent is critical to the future of your business. If you want to be one step ahead of your competition, you must hire the best candidate in the market to achieve your goals. The predicament is that 52% of applicants are unskilled, and only 47% of companies have few or no qualified applicants for the vacancies. In today's competitive job market, it is tough to find top talent for your job openings. Instead of waiting for candidates to come to you, focus on strategically finding the best employee.

Recruit NXT recommends you the best candidate sourcing channels based on the industry, job role, and job location. It can source latent candidates from the web, job boards, and other social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed, and more. Recruit NXT can also post job openings across various platforms and job portals to increase the reach and engage with passive candidates.

The candidate sourcing tool reduces the time of hiring, increases the reach to an extensive number of candidates, making it easier to hire for hard-to-fill roles. Recruit NXT Candidate search tool allows you to find the right candidate's resumes and professional profiles. The details gathered from multiple sources will be systematically added to the candidate's profile. You can later add these profiles to your hiring pipeline and directly interact with the potential candidates.

Candidate Screening

Candidate screening is a process of scrutinizing job applications. Followed by candidate sourcing, this step involves browsing through the resumes and cover letters to find the best match between the candidate and the job description; candidate screening is a tough job.

It takes hours for a recruiter to manually go through all the applications. Imagine the time it will take in big organizations which receive infinite applications. RecruitNXT's Candidate screening tool helps ease the process of examining by filtering the candidates by matching their qualifications to job requirements. It allows you to look beyond the details mentioned in the resume. It helps you save hours of work time and simplifies the whole review process. Screening tools can help you hire the perfect candidates to build a great team.

Interview Management

Interview Scheduling is a challenging task for recruiters. They have to pick out a time where everyone involved with the recruitment process is available. In addition, throughout this process of scheduling the interview, they have to keep track of all the emails and communications that go back and forth with the candidate and the hiring teams. Chances of errors in manual processes are high, particularly for organizations with a big applicant pool and numerous job roles.

With Recruit NXT, this process of interview scheduling is automated. Recruit NXT's ITAS allows you to communicate and keep track of all communications using a single platform. Recruit NXT also helps manage the interview process better by providing the user with a utility calendar, which supports all upcoming interviews. It, in turn, assists the recruiter in scheduling efficiently.

Features of Interview scheduling and management tool -

  • Video call or phone interview set up as per preferences - Schedule video interviews on Jitsi Meet and Zoom Meet or set up a telephonic interview, as per preference.
  • Scheduling - Send emails using the same platform to the hiring manager as well as to the candidates.
  • Automatic reminders - Personalize and send automated reminders to all the concerned parties before an interview.

Performance Management

Employee Performance Management is a process of examining and regulating an employee's performance at work. Managing performance is essential for the successful functioning of all businesses. Performance management offers managers numerous opportunities to help improve and reward the team members.

Recruit NXT's talent acquisition system provides reports on a user's performance. It details various tasks performed by the user, such as candidates added by the user, current job openings a user is working on, jobs closed by the user, and many more. It results in staying up to date on the team's progress and performance.

Candidate Management

Often companies receive a bulk of applicants on one open position and hire for multiple openings simultaneously. It is where an Applicant Tracking System becomes essential. Applicant Tracking Systems assist with the recruitment process by attracting, communicating with, and managing the applicants throughout the hiring process. It helps Recruiters and HR professionals in elevating the hiring standards and keeping the data more organized.
In the system, the candidate database dashboard is the centre of operation for the recruitment process. It provides all the candidate's details in one place, from qualifications to the hiring process status. Recruit NXT allows the recruiter to put tags, add notes and add critical skills to the candidate's profile. It also helps in reducing the load of the HR professionals by pre-screening and assessing the applicant profile.
Boolean Search enables recruiters to refine the search results and find the exact type of candidate as per requirements. With Recruit NXT, you can filter out relevant resumes from a big pool of applicants using boolean search. Thus, making it easy for the recruiters to find the best matching candidates according to the job description.


Customizations allow the recruiters and the HR professionals to modify the Applicant Tracking Systems as per the needs and requirements. With Recruit NXT, modify the candidate selection workflows and decide how to move through the hiring process. Recruit NXT allows modifications in the user access levels wherein you can tailor users as per your needs.
According to the business’s needs, you can extract the list of candidates and their details for further requirements. Using Recruit NXT, you can easily export customized excel sheets of the candidates from the database to the system. Customizations and exporting can be according to the details and the data needed of the candidates.
Modifications in the candidate application fields is another feature provided by Recruit NXT. Recruiters can add a candidate detail field as per their requirements. This added field then gets reflected in the candidate database automatically.
These customizations allow Recruit NXT to provide one-stop hiring solutions to all kinds of businesses, be it staffing agencies to modify their users or recruiters according to their preferences. May it be other SMBs, who like to customize the candidate application field or workflows as per their requirements.


An Intelligent Talent Acquisition System integration connects the main system with an external service. Integration enables the recruiters to access different features which might not exist in the original software.
Recruit NXT provides integrations with Jitsi Meet, Zoom Meet, Google Calendar, and various social media platforms. Recruiters can easily schedule video interviews through Jitsi Meet or Zoom Meet using our platform. The interview schedules sync with the Google Calendar for easy access and a better user experience. You can conveniently increase the reach of the job opening by posting on various social media channels like Facebook jobs and LinkedIn. Through all these integrations, Recruit NXT provides a user-friendly interface and decreases the overall time taken in the hiring process.

Job Requisition

Job Requisition allows the recruiter to publish and inform about the job opening on various platforms. It makes it easier and simpler to reach the desired audience for different roles within the organization using a single unified platform.
With Recruit NXT's ITAS', you can publish in various places across the internet like the company's website and several social media platforms and job portals. Our platform makes it easy and convenient to post job openings and conveniently allows candidates to apply for them. Recruit NXT enables you to attract and reach the maximum number of qualified candidates.

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